Office Interiors

As our lives get busier and more demanding, a custom built office would be so nice to get the job done. The professional office interior designers at Voxfire create effective and enjoyable workspaces tailored to your particular market, skill, or profession. Whether you seek individual or shared workspaces, open or closed display areas, a home office or a large space to house your organization, Voxfire helps you to execute your vision. Home office, corporate office, or a personal creative space: we help you design and build a creative space in which you will love to work and will feel like home! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a large corporation looking to revamp your office space, working from home, or just looking for a stylish place to take care of the daily aspects of everyday life, we will help you design and create an office that will inspire you or your employees to work!


In working collaboratively, you and our Voxfire interior design experts will create a design that not only complements your personal or corporate style but one that also blends seamlessly with your workflow.


Whether you already have a designated work space or need one built; our design team and builders will help you determine the space for your interior fit out. We carefully consider every decision to emphasize your space, because the objects that are used as focal points will help to immediately qualify its purpose. When it comes to your home office, work office, or corporate workspace it’s important to emphasize those objects that will tell the brain “this is a space for work.” Together we will work to ensure that visually, these items will command a majority of the attention.


Our interior designers use proportion and scale to set a room’s tone. Simply put, we consider how the size and relationship of objects in a room affect how you feel when you’re in it. While proportion and scale don’t solely refer to square footage, the way you organize and display objects in your space are important indicators of what a space should feel like. When you’re in your workspace, you want to feel productive, motivated, peaceful, comfortable and organized. Together we will create a design that inspires the tone and vibe you wish to cultivate. Above all, our team of designers will create a space that people want to work in! It’s about getting all the right components in all the right places, with a touch of personal flair, to create a room that will help you or your employees, feel calm, productive, and happy while working. Regardless of whether you seek an entire interior fit out, or an interior refurbishment, we are here to help you design and build the office space that will set the tone for productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help create the office space you have been searching for! We look forward to working with you.