Electro Mechanical Works

Voxfire Decoration Design & Fit-out established to offer its services to Construction, Interior Designing, and Building Maintenance & Turnkey Solutions. The company concentrates on Industrial, Commercial, and residential divisions as well as Turnkey Projects in other words. Huge Substations, cottages, High Rise Building, Hotels, commercial complex, etc. Our certified development managing team makes sure feature, cost-effective and timely delivery of commodities and local services.

Our company is prepared to deliver a single point contact for our customers with the support of our team of genius experts, high skilled execution staff, recognized service suppliers in their area of competence, and advisors. We give essential services for primary and secondary industries which consist of aluminum smelters, steel plants, customer goods, and managing. The company has supported various clients with the repair, cleaning, and manufacturing of mechanical parts through switch engineering and renovating procedures. We have a team of skillfully qualified engineers and technicians with a first-class motto to deliver the best facilities in the field of electro-mechanical services with refrigeration, air-conditioning, and electrical plan installation. We also do a production of chilled water systems, pumps, chilled water piping, package & split components, and water-cooling structures for cottages.


Reliable & Experienced Electromechanical Equipment Installation

Field Facilities & Installation


Electrical and Mechanical Field Facility

• Troubleshooting and repair of AC & DC Flexible Speed Drives
• Machine Controls service and repair
• Inspection, service, and repair of Power Dissemination Panels
• Service and repair of Electro-Mechanical equipment plus large AC & DC motors, pumps, blowers, and associated machinery
• Laser configuration to expand the life of the equipment and better product quality.


Electrical Contracting & Installation

• Main Electrical Service
• Factory Certified for AC & DC Drive Start-Ups for all ABB products.
• Power delivery systems
• Power Lines for Machinery
• Power Surveys
• General Industrial Wiring
• Industrial Drive Systems
• Machine Controls
• Lighting Systems


Drive System

• DC Drives to AC Drives
• Eddy Current Replacements
• Mechanical Drive to AC Drive
• Slip Ring to AC Drive


On-Site Field Support


• Emergency Callout
• Drives Start-up
• On-Site Drive and/or Drive System Repair


An electrical installation includes all the fixed electrical equipment that is supplied through the electricity meter. It includes the cables that are generally hidden in the walls and ceilings, accessories (such as sockets, switches, and light fittings) and the user unit (fuse box) that covers all the fuses, circuit-breakers, and preferably residual current devices (RCDs).

On-demand essential services

Restorations and alternatives of electronic pieces or Home Appliances. Full house rewiring. Wiring to extensions, service department, or outside zones. Outbuilding installations. Hot Tubs and showers. Indoor lighting. Security and backyard lighting. Garden and flooring lighting. Exterior sockets such as gardens, sheds, and private roads.

Commercial Facilities

Retailers/ consumers Electrical evaluations. Commercial installations, Regular testing, and inspecting. Maintenance contracts. Movable appliance testing. Emergency lighting installations and testing. Fire Alarm installation (Smoke, fire, and interloper alarm systems (including CCTV)) Air Conditioning and air circulation controls and repair. Inspection and testing. Unit renovations Door entry system.