Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler system supply and installation in UAE

For buildings and offices all around Dubai and UAE, before the fire cause any damage to your building a fire sprinkler system is the most effective and safer means to stop a fire. At Voxfire Fire Fighting, we do all sorts of firefighting works from fire sprinkler design,system installation and make sure they are running smoothly, through annual testing and service.

Fire Sprinkler System Design and installation services in Dubai and all over UAE

We are doing Dubai civil defense certification for sprinkler system installation for any installation of sprinkler system or DCD certifications kindly CONTACT US.

We are also taking annual maintenance of fire sprinkler system in Dubai. Please Visit Our annual maintenance page

For the safety of your facility, equipment and people within it, if you need fire sprinkler service in Dubai, UAE call us today.

According to NFPA statistics, damages to stores, manufacturing facilities, health care facilities, offices, and other commercial buildings with a fire sprinkler system installed for up to 60% lower when compared with damages to buildings without fire sprinkler system. Even the best fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected in a timely manner and tested to ensure that system will be always ready when required. To make sure your fire sprinkler system will always protect your employees and building during fire risk, call Voxfire to schedule a fire sprinkler system inspection today!

Fire sprinkler systems should be always available in a working condition

These systems need to be tested annually or periodically to ensure they will work properly during a fire risk. Written records of all fire sprinkler system tests need to be recorded and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25. During a fire sprinkler test, physical checks are performed on each and every parts of your fire sprinkler system. These checks include fire pump tests, trip tests of dry pipe, water flow tests, alarm tests, and checking of deluge and pre-action valves .

At Voxfire, inspections of all of our fire sprinkler system and testing are performed by our team of highly trained fire sprinkler system testing engineers. This gives us entire control over the quality of our fire sprinkler system tests and we ensure that you get the best customer service.