Gazebo Design, Construction & Maintenance

Enhance the beauty of your back yard or garden by adding an outdoor garden element called a gazebo from the best gazebo design company in Dubai. Also trusted Gazebo Suppliers in Dubai and UAE. Gazebos are a hut shaped building with a hut-like roof, mostly built in hexagonal and square shapes.   Gazebos are made in all sizes from small to large all sizes and as per the requirements of the customers, customized gazebos are made by Vox fire. The choice of adding a gazebo landscape to your garden will be one of the best investments you can do for your garden. A great gazebo design at your back yard will be the favorite gathering spot for your friends and family. A gazebo will be the perfect BBQ spot in your backyard. Not just that, as its fully covered you can add cosy pieces of furniture of your choice and enjoy the view of your garden.

  • Garden Gazebo
  • Wooden Gazebo
  • Metal Gazebo
  • Temporary Gazebo