Fire Fighting System

Voxfire offer a range of fire-fighting equipment that can help you fight fires in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Our selection includes extinguishers, hose reels, fire monitors, nozzles, and hose pipes. We also offer kitchen wet chemical systems and fire suppression systems which are designed to keep fires from spreading quickly. Investing in quality firefighting equipment is the best way to ensure safety in your building or warehouse.

How do Fire fighting systems work?

Firefighting systems are vital for protecting lives and property from the dangers of fire. They typically have 3 crucial components – fire storage tanks, a specialized pumping system, and a network of pipes with hydrants or sprinkler terminals. Fire hydrant systems are used by trained firefighters who manually open up the hoses to release water to put out the flames. On the other hand, sprinkler systems are automated in that they detect when a fire has started and turn on immediately, releasing water from nozzles connected to pipes below the ceiling. This allows for quicker responses to fires and thus reduces their size and severity before large-scale destruction can take place.

Fire fighting systems are essential for protecting life and property from a fire. They consist of several components, such as fire storage tanks, pumps, pipes, and hydrants or sprinklers. Fire hydrants are manually opened by trained firefighters who use the flow of water to put out the fire. Sprinklers, on the other hand, feature a bulb-like device that will automatically activate when heated and release water to quickly contain a fire even before firefighters arrive. It is this early detection system that makes sprinkler systems so effective at controlling fires in their earliest stages and preventing them from becoming large and unmanageable.

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