Home Interior

Are you moving into a new house and looking for a company that can help you design and build all of your interiors along with your exteriors? Are you fed up with your tired old layout and desire an upgrade to make your space more convenient, user friendly, and more visually appealing?  Wouldn’t it be so great and convenient to work with one team that can meet all of your needs? If you can answer YES to any of these questions then you have come to the right place! Our team of design experts and builders specializes in home interior design. Whether you want to design your entire homes or a specific room, we are here to make this process exciting, fun, and stress free. We absolutely love helping you select each and every detail of your home. From the moldings to the flooring, from the doorknobs to the throw pillows: details are our specialty. We will work closely with our architects and builders to help create a cohesive plan that is completely “you”.

Our interior design team provides an all-inclusive service, making your design project hassle free and fun. From gaining all of the appropriate approvals, to designing and building without the headache of coordinating with multiple service providers, Voxfire is the interior design company that makes remodeling your home a fun and seamless process. Our experts have been working with clients throughout Dubai to transform their homes into their little slice of paradise. With over 600 successful projects under our belts we take pride in helping you realize your dreams! Our interior design experts have the experience, background, and knowhow to make the most of your footage. We understand scale and possess the expertise to accurately measure for designing and drafting, so that every detail fits to scale within your space.


We are here to help you realize your vision for your home. You may choose one or multiple themes to design the various spaces in your home. Our interior design team will help to ensure that all of your selected themes flow and work well together to complete a harmonious look.

Colors are more than just paint on the wall and curtains hung on the window treatments. Your color scheme comes from each element of accessory, furniture, paint, tile, plants, lights, and wall paper you add to your space. Together we will select a harmonious color scheme that allows you to have a design that is soothing and nurturing.

Accessories and enhancements place the culminating finishing on any design project. After creating the walls, ceilings and flooring, we move onto the main attraction: 

Our talented designers will work with you to incorporate the correct size, shape, color and themes to balance all of your design accessories.