Fire Protection System AMC

Just installing Fire protection System/Equipments in your property without maintaining it periodically is just same as a property without fire protection system installed. It is very important to make sure installed systems are in good condition and it is ready to fight against unpredicted fire breakouts.

 According to a survey most of the buildings which has burned down to dust had fire protection system installed but they were not maintained properly on time.

 To avoid such unfortunate situation to our beloved clients VOXFIRES FIRE PROTECTION SOLUTIONS has Introduced a service called annual maintenance contract (AMC) .

 Voxfire   maintenance services involve a highly detailed programme, which includes a detailed check of every fire protection system, this includes

 Comprehensive AMC

-Replacements of all the spare parts will be carried out free of cost along with periodic services.

 Semi comprehensive AMC

-Replacement of spare parts upto  a mutually agreed amount will be carried out free of cost along with periodic services.

Non comprehensive AMC

-periodic services are included, Replacement of spare parts will be carried out on additional cost.

Periodic services includes

-Servicing and Refilling of Fire Extinguishers

-Servicing and Troubleshooting of Fire alarm system.

-Servicing and Troubleshooting of Emergency lighting system.

-Servicing and Troubleshooting of Voice evacuation system and Telephone Jacks.

-Servicing and Troubleshooting of Fire fighting system which includes

—Fire sprinklers

—Fire Hosereels

—Landing Valves

—Fire Hydrants

—Breeching Inlets

—Fire Pumps